Mengenal Lebih Dekat Capacity Building Hoshizora Foundation

Capacity Building is one of Hoshizora Foundation’s programs to help develop Adik Bintang’s potential to become a person who dares to dream (Dream Big), is persistent and adaptive (Resilience), and also cares for the environment and society (Care for Others).

This activity is for all Adik Bintang and its curriculum is designed to be appropriate for students from primary to university level.

For instance, Adik Bintang who are in high school will focus on character development. Whereas for Adik Bintang in higher education, there are many activities that focus on improving abilities and planning after college, such as career guidance.

Capacity Building educational programs may be varied in order to accommodate Adik Bintang’s needs and their educational ecosystem.

Kurikulum Capacity Building

Adik Bintang Beasiswa Mimpi Anak Negeri
Adik Bintang University Program


Hoshizora Forum

This annual event is part of the capacity building program and is targeted for Adik Bintang in year 9 to year 11. Each level will run a different curriculum, according to Adik Bintang’s level of education. There are independent and group activities as well as webinars.

Obrolan Pulang Sekolah – OPS (After School Chat)

OPS is a capacity-building class that is held every two months and is aimed for high school Adik Bintang. Guest speakers from relevant topics will cover materials accommodating to the Adik Bintang curriculum. OPS activities are held in the form of webinars and are generally attended by around 70 Adik Bintang. Hoshizora conducts assessments before and after each OPS activity to evaluate learning outcomes from the OPS topic.

Adik Bintang Graduation

This graduation ceremony is for Adik Bintang who has completed Year 12. Apart from a ceremonial event, Adik Bintang will also meet up with Kakak Bintang and attend capacity-building classes to provide a continuum of learning for Adik Bintang after high school.

UP Capacity Building

UP capacity-building  is a series of classes for the Adik Bintang in University program that occur every year. There are four themes being implemented: Personal Development, Critical Thinking and Leadership Through Community Development, Entrepreneurship and Career Overview, Leadership, and Professional Readiness. These four themes were designed and adjusted according to the needs of Adik Bintang and their level of education. UP Capacity Building

HZ Class

HZ Class consists of small classes targeting the provision of Adik Bintang with practical abilities and skills that can help Adik Bintang after they graduate and enter the workforce. This includes essay writing classes, public speaking classes, and internship preparation workshops.

Forum Group Discussion

It is a platform where Adik Bintang may use their critical thinking and build their awareness around social justice. From this discussion activity, Adik Bintang is expected to be able to build the ability to analyze facts, generate and organize ideas, defend opinions, make comparisons, draw conclusions, evaluate arguments, and provide input solutions to a problem. Topics that have been discussed in the past, such as sexual harassment and pre-employment internship programs.

Study with HZ

In this activity, Adik Bintang was invited to observe and analyze content in the media, including podcasts, articles, books, and videos. This activity, which is carried out three to four times per year, aims to build digital literacy in Adik Bintang, to be able to learn from various media and process information. It is also hoped that Adik Bintang will be able to share their findings with others around them as a form of joint educational activity in the community.