“Thank you Kakak Bintang! Thanks to you I can go toschool and fight for my dreams!”

Reza – Adik Bintang Kab. Bantul

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Through the scholarship program, Kakak Bintang provides financial support and motivation for Adik Bintang to gain access to quality education. In this program, Adik Bintang, who comes from underprivileged families, will receive training and encouragement to reach for their dreams and develop social responsibility.

Who would have thought being Kakak Bintang would be so rewarding? Not only as a scholarship donor but also as a family for them. Kakak Bintang can help to develop Adik Bintang’s potential by being their mentor.

Moreover, Kakak Bintang may provide moral support in the form of motivation and capacity building for Adik Bintang directly. By sharing stories and experiences through discussions, writing letters, and participating in various activities. The financial support that Adik Bintang receives can be used to pay for tuition fees, uniforms, books, stationery, and other school needs.

Financial help that Adik Bintang receives:








950 yen/month

Junior High School



1425 yen/month

Senior High School



1900 yen/month

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