Hoshizora was born from several Indonesian scholarship students studying in Japan who have concerns about the education situation in Indonesia. Whilst feeling grateful to receive the benefits of the scholarships, these scholarship students were inclined to share their experience and provide for underprivileged children in Indonesia. The name ‘Hoshizora’ is from two Japanese words, Hoshi (star) and Zora (sky), which when combined means the starry sky. We hope that every child has sky-high aspirations and strives to achieve them.

Hoshizora was officially formed on May 2, 2006, coinciding with National Education Day. At its inception, initial donations were collected from Indonesian students studying in Japan setting aside their lunch money. One-time lunch money in Japan of 1,000 Yen (100K Rupiah) was donated to help pay for the education of one Indonesian child for one month. From this simple deed, the support grew, and the first Hoshizora scholarship program was born, where the scholarship recipient (foster sister) was named Adik Bintang, and the scholarship provider (donor) was named Kakak Bintang.

Our Journey