In the educational ecosystem, parents play an important role in supporting and facilitating their children’s educational achievement. Hoshizora understands its importance, thus including parents as one of the key components in our program through the Education Resilience Framework. Hoshizora initiated a curriculum and training activities for parents to help Adik Bintang grow. Topics presented include nutrition, financial planning, and child development.


(Chat With Wali Bintang)

Growing (Chat with Wali Bintang) is an activity for the parents of Adik Bintang, Wali Bintang, as we call them here at Hoshizora. There are several topics raised at this event: nutrition, financial planning, and child development. This activity is held at least once a year online and aims to provide positive information and motivation for parents in their journey of accompanying their children to get a quality education and promising future.

Forum Wali Bintang

Wali Bintang uses this forum to learn and discuss matters related to education and their roles in supporting the children. This activity is held offline minimum once a year in areas such as Solor Island, East Nusa Tenggara. Apart from giving an opportunity to learn together, this activity is also a form of fellowship between parents of Adik Bintang, the Hoshizora Team, and the education support community in the area.

What They Say?