Permata Bintang Fellowship

The Hoshizora Foundation recognised the genuine alliance with others. Therefore, Hoshizora Foundation collaborates with various communities, organizations, and individuals who share the same vision to achieve educational equity to disadvantaged young Indonesians. Hoshizora partnered with Permata Bank in Permata Bintang Fellowship to give financial assistance to students with outstanding performance.

Scholarship Terms & Conditions 


  1. Enrolled in Certificate III or Diploma qualification or Bachelor degree, semester 1 to 7.
  2. Most recent GPA above 3 or an average transcript of 80 in the current semester.
  3. Demonstrate outstanding performance in academic or non-academic fields.
  4. Involvement in organizations and social activities.
  5. Interest in financial literacy.

The details of the registration date and time will be announced via Hoshizora’s social media every year.

Successful Stories from Adik Bintang

Taufik Hidayat

Adik Bintang PBF Batch 2

I am very grateful to be part of the Permata Bintang Fellowship (PBF) 2019. It opened up opportunities for me to develop as a person through its various programs, apart from the help with my college funds. At PBF 2019, we are equipped with financial literacy knowledge, which is very important to have in an effort to manage personal finances. Thank you, Hoshizora!


Adik Bintang PBF Batch 3

I am proud to be one of the Permata Bintang Fellowship Batch 3 recipients. I didn’t expect to be chosen out of thousands of applicants. Thanks to Permata Bank and Hoshizora foundation, who have provided educational scholarships so that we can fight for our dreams. For other awardees, I hope they can achieve their goals and dreams and be of service to the society.

M. Yamin

Adik Bintang PBF Batch 3

I am over the moon to have been selected as an awardee from PBF Batch 3 so that I can continue my education. For me, education is everything and through PBF 3, I can achieve my dream, such as becoming the Indonesian delegate to Unesco in Asia World Model United Nations and in the International Cross-Cultural Virtual Mobility Program 2021.