According to the data from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology, as many as 75,303 children in Indonesia have dropped out of school throughout 2021. Many dreams of domestic children have had to be revoked as a result of this. Therefore, the Hoshizora Foundation is committed to supporting more Indonesian children to get a quality education. Through the scholarship program, Hoshizora Foundation supports children from elementary school up to university level. A scholarship recipient from Hoshizora is called Adik Bintang, which goes along with Hoshizora’s meaning, Hoshi: stars, Zora: sky. We want the scholarship recipients to become stars and shine a light upon others.


Mimpi Anak Negeri Scholarship

Mimpi Anak Negeri Scholarship is a scholarship dedicated to Adik Bintang from elementary to high school.Besides financial assistance, Adik Bintang also receives mentoring and capacity-building support.In this scholarship program, Adik Bintang receives ongoing assistance until they graduate from high school. The scholarship giver is called Kakak Bintang, and usually one Kakak Bintang pairs up with one Adik Bintang.


Glow & Lovely Bintang Scholarship

Giow & Lovely Sintang Scholarship is an aid program for Indonesian girls who graduated from high school and want to continue to State University (PTN – Perguruan Tinggi negeri). The program has been held since 2017 and has enrolled more than 270 students.


Dian Sastro Scholarship

Dian Scholarship Program is a collaboration between Hoshizora Foundation and Dian Foundation pioneered by Dian Sastrowardoyo in 2015. Dian Scholarships are given to Indonesian women who wish to pursue undergraduate studies but are constrained by financial issues. Candidates for Dian Scholarship are selected through a comprehensive selection process, starting from document screening to interview by Dian Sastrowardoyo herself.


Permata Bintang Fellowship

Permata Bintang Fellowship is a scholarship program in collaboration between the Hoshizora Foundation and Permata Bank. This scholarship program is open to students enrolled in semester 1 to 7, especially those with an interest in financial literacy. The recipients of the Permata Bintang Fellowship scholarship were selected after going through various stages of selection, starting with paperwork, interviews, and a home visit.


Bimasakti Scholarship


Bimasakti Scholarship adalah program bantuan biaya pendidikan bagi mahasiswa/i baru atau berada pada semester 1 di Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM) dan Universitas Pembangunan Nasional (UPN) Yogyakarta dengan jurusan Manajemen, Ekonomi Bisnis, dan Teknik Informatika. 

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