The COVID-19 pandemic has affected many teachers and students, especially those who are in remote areas, and experienced difficulty with distance teaching and learning activities. This significant change causes a decrease in learning activities, memory retention, and increased school dropout rates. The lack of technology access, including access to adequate internet, coupled with the low level of digital literacy, are the main factors. In response, Hoshizora launched the Teacher Empowerment Program.

This program consists of a series of activities to develop teachers skills and abilities in remote areas of Indonesia. Activities carried out include comprehensive online learning, mentoring, peer-to-peer collaboration through the Hoshizora platform, as well as ongoing monitoring and evaluation activities. HZ also provides technology and internet support to enable teachers and educators in remote areas to carry out distance learning.




Cakap Pengajar

Cakap Pengajar is part of Hoshizora’s “Teacher Empowerment Program” which addresses current educational issues. In its format, Hoshizora invites the experts and opens the forums for participants to discuss and talk about issues and potential solutions.

Selasar Pendidik Hebat

Selasar Pendidik Hebat  is part of “Teacher Hoshizora’s Empowerment Program focuses on continuous curriculum training for teachers in the regional areas. Participating teachers gain knowledge and insight, who aim to implement the strategies in a structured manner and have a positive long-term impact on the teaching and learning process and student development.

Hoshizora Teacher Summit

Hoshizora Teacher Summit is a national-scale meeting attended by teachers who help coordinate Hoshizora education programs in the regional areas (or what we call regional coordinators). The activities carried out for several consecutive days consisted of teacher education seminars, educational training, and networking sessions for the participants.

Teacher Empowerment Program is a program with a magnitude multiplication effect. Each teacher involved in this program then impart newly learned skills and knowledge to other teachers in their school and community (Teacher Train Teacher Effect). These teachers will continue the ripple effect by implementing new strategies to students in their school. To this day, there are thousands of teachers and students who have benefited from this program.

Guru Peserta Pelatihan

Guru Penerima Manfaat (Teacher Train Teacher Effect)

Siswa Penerima Manfaat

Total Individu Penerima Manfaat

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