Hoshizora 16th Anniversary: Equality in Education!


Dear Kakak Bintang, It was in 2006 that Hoshizora Foundation first launched their education program. What a wonderful 16 years it has been! It is beyond question that our work would not be possible without the support from our stakeholders. Hence, we are deeply grateful to everyone who has supported us in so many ways. Throughout the years, Hoshizora has continued to grow and is committed to providing educational support for Indonesian children. We believe that education is key to achieving one’s dreams for a better future. 

There are countless remarkable journeys in Hoshizora’s path to success. The accomplishments that you see now are the reflection of hard work and the eagerness to make a difference in the education world from Kakak Bintang, partners, teachers, Adik Bintang, parents, and our marvelous team. Thank you for letting Hoshizora reach for the stars!

This time we will take you to look at our accomplishments thus far and celebrate them with us. Are you excited? Let’s check it out!



Hoshizora Foundation’s history began when our co-founders who studied in Japan committed  to donate their one-time lunch money to send one student in Indonesia to school for one month. Starting with 14 children in 2006, we have now supported over 3300 children and collaborated with 145  Area Coordinators (teachers) in 19 provinces in Indonesia. Working with more than 800 Kakak Bintang and partners, Hoshizora Foundation through the scholarship program actively facilitates and participates in collaborations within the country’s education ecosystem. 


Hoshizora Foundation’s vision is to provide education access for underprivileged children and empower them to reach their full potential. For more than a decade, ‘Mimpi Anak Negeri’ Scholarship has provided education financial support and capacity-building programs for thousands of underprivileged children in Indonesia.

The curriculum created for the capacity-building program is also key to the success of the scholarship outcome. This curriculum supports Adik Bintang to have competencies which include three aspects, dream big, resilience, and care for others. Its contents on social-emotional learning, self-management, and collaboration skills are essential supporting factors for our scholarship recipients to reach their potential and perform well in society. 

We are building a powerful community and creating meaningful connections through sustainable, impactful, and enriching education programs by breaking down barriers.


Achieving inclusive and quality education for all reaffirms the belief that education is one of the most powerful and proven vehicles for sustainable development. Despite the challenges, Hoshizora has committed to advancing the equity and quality of education for all to achieve the Goal 4 targets by 2030 to ensure that no children would fall behind, especially those who are underprivileged, live in remote areas, or disable.

In order to support and develop the skills to care for others by actively contributing to the society and environment, Hoshizora held a series of events called Hoshizora SDG Workshop. This event was attended by Adik Bintang from Senior High School level  from various regions all over Indonesia. Established in April 2022, Hoshizora SDGs Workshop encouraged participants to initiate a project related to Sustainable Development Goals. 


After going through a selective process,  three projects were picked  to get funding for further implementation. The first winner was Reforestation with cultivation of candlenut trees from Palidi Forest in Bima. The first runner up was Family Trash Management through education about waste sorting in households, and the second runner up was Maggot Cultivation using Flies as The Solution for Organic Waste Management. Congratulations! 

Hoshizora SDG Workshop is the evidence that the goal of inclusiveness, no one left behind, achieved. All the young generation have significant roles to make a change in  our society and environment. Through this movement, Hoshizora committed to make a contribution for the sustainable development agenda in Indonesia.



Hoshizora has covered a long and evolutionary journey. Years back, we had started with millions of dreams, hope, and immense enthusiasm. In this special moment, we raised the theme #Pend16ikanSetara (Equality in Education) for all the children in Indonesia. We want to continue walking hand in hand to realize the equity and quality access of education for all children in Indonesia. 

Hoshizora Foundation is celebrating 16 years of its existence and this year will mark our milestone by hosting events that will not only highlight its achievements but also reflect on some of the challenges it has encountered over the years. These events will also acknowledge and praise  all the key stakeholders, past and present, who have partnered with Hoshizora.


On 28 May 2022, Hoshizora held a forum and panel discussion with the topic of “Equality of Education in Indonesia through Ecosystem Concepts”. We invited four speakers who share the same visions as Hoshizora. They are Bukik Setiawan (Head of Guru Belajar Foundation), Muhammad Nur Rizal, Ph.D (Founder of Gerakan Sekolah Menyenangkan and Lecture in UGM), Wenda Gumulya (Co-Founder dan Board Chair Hoshizora Foundation), and Sanuri Amdali (Program Manager Hoshizora Foundation). We also invited the representative of Adik Bintang, parent, and Area Coordinator of Hoshizora Foundation.


Wenda Gumulya, as the co-founder and Board Chair Hoshizora Foundation presented the Education Resilience Framework concept in this event. This framework became a foundation for Hoshizora to create the best ecosystem for Adik Bintang education. This framework has 5 pillars from Access to Education, Teaching Methods and Materials, Teachers Adaptability, Student Adaptability, and Parental Support. We believe each pillar is affiliated to each other and plays an important role in providing solutions to key education issues.

Hoshizora Foundation hopes that this forum can increase the awareness from all the key stakeholders to support the equity and quality access for education in Indonesia.

Throughout the years, Hoshizora is driven by the belief that every child has the right to a high-quality education. As we move forward into the next year , we would like to take a moment to reflect on this incredible milestone and share our appreciation for all the parties that put their trust and support in the  Hoshizora Foundation. It goes without saying, we wouldn’t be where we are today without the incredible Kakak Bintang and partners we collaborated with over the years. Thank you for the invaluable work you are doing to realize a better quality of education in Indonesia. Here’s to more impactful years! 

We believe to be relevant, agile, and resilient if we want to grow for yet another 16 years and beyond. We believe in constant growth and abundance. We believe in sharing our spirit of gratitude with others. We believe in you. 

Let’s continue to be a source of light for Adik Bintang and Education in Indonesia. Support #Pend16ikanSetara by being Kakak Bintang and help Adik Bintang to chase their dream and future!

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