Kak Seitaka’s experience through hoshiZora Foundation

Mr. Seitaka who joined Volunteer Tourism Program, wrote to us his impression throughout our program. Check this out:

My experience through hoshiZora Community

Everything I experienced in Indonesia was very interesting.

The most interesting and impressive activities are:

  1. Meeting my Adik Bintang and attending hoshiZora forum.
  2. Giving lessons in 2 schools.
  3. Bridging communication and connecting Japanese children and Indonesian children


This is the short stories of those impressive activities:

1. Meeting my Adik Bintang and attending hoshiZora forum.

I feel that those activities makes me has stronger passion to the hoshiZora children. Before going to Indonesia, I did not know about my Adik Bintang so much. I just knew his name and what he likes to do. But after going to his home and spending time with him, I could know much more about him. Even, I could did his daily activities, together with him. We cut grasses to feed his sheep, cleaned his chicken`s house and so many more. We brought his 3 sheep walking around and feed them.

And, I know how good he is at swimming! He won a lot of competitions, and he showed me his medals of swimming competition. He told me his school life and his dreams. We promised we will do swimming race next time. I was very happy to meet him. He gave me some precious things and experiences.

Not only my Adik Bintang, but also many hoshiZora children gave me happiness through hoshiZora forum. They told me their dreams, and gave me smiles. I could understand what they think and the motivation they have toward learning.

I would like to recommend more kakak Bintang (Sponsors) attending hoshiZora, and has precious opportunity to meet their Adik Bintang. They can know more each other like me, and inspire each other!

Now, I feel that I want to support every child to achieve their dreams. I feel it stronger after meeting my adik bintang.


2. Giving lessons in 2 schools.

I could know and experience directly the Indonesian education condition and what they learn at school. I also had a chance to play gamelan, Indonesian traditional instruments, and learn how to make Batik, Indonesia traditional cloth. I could experience the real Indonesian culture.

Teaching little bit Japanese to them is also becoming a good experience for me. It motivates me to study more about Japan. The students at school have a great interest in Japanese and try hard. I was very happy to see their learning attitude.

If I have a chance again, I want to use Japanese movies, or pictures to teach, and make the class more attractive. And also, it is better to check the class facilities they have before teaching.


3. Bridging communication and connecting Japanese children and Indonesian children

One of my purposes of coming to Indonesia is connecting 2 orphanages in Japan and hoshiZora children in Indonesia. I want Japanese orphanage’s children to know about world, and in the other hand I want hoshiZora children know about Japan.

Japanese children wrote letters to hoshiZora children and translated Japanese books to English, while hoshiZora children make flags for Japanese children in the hoshiZora forum. Through this exchange, the children knew that they have friends in the world.

I believe that when children know about the world, they will try to study language, cultures, histories, and many more. Through studying this all, I want every children to have confidence towards learning.

Thank you for all of hoshiZora staffs, and hoshiZora children. Because of you all, I could experience many precious things. I will try my best here, like every hoshiZora children do their best there.

See you next year! I would like to visit Indonesia and attend next September`s hoshiZora forum.
Thank you.

Seitaka Yoshida



*Thank you Kak Seitaka for joining us.*
And how about you?? Let’s join and make a better world!!

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