Kolaborasi untuk Pendidikan 2022

Dear Kakak Bintang,  Happy New Year 2022! We hope you have had a well-deserved break during the holiday season and a great start of the year.  In Albert Einstein’s words, “Learn from yesterday, live for today, and hope for tomorrow”, here at Hoshizora Foundation we are looking forward to what the year of 2022 holds with fresh hope and optimism. We also would like  to express our sincere gratitude  to all of our fabulous Kakak Bintang for being part of the Hoshizora Foundation community. Whether you’ve been with us since we started or have just joined, we truly appreciate having you. Because of your support, 2021 has been a great year for the Hoshizora Foundation. You have helped Hoshizora accomplish some remarkable achievements in the  past year. Together, we make our community an amazing place to call home. Cheers to more shared successes  in 2022!   In 2021, we made a great achievement by successfully managing Mimpi Anak Negeri scholarships for 1968 Adik Bintang. Through the Collaboducation program, we worked together with 145 Area Coordinators in 19 provinces. We collaborated with 344 new Kakak Bintang who joined the Hoshizora family in 2021. Hoshizora also conducted several programs such as Hoshizora Forum for Adik Bintang, Forum Edukasi Solor, Cakap Pengajar, and many more to level up our beneficiaries capacity.   Throughout last year, we also collaborated with Kakak Bintang in various events and programs. This year, we would like to invite and encourage more Kakak Bintang for your involvement. We believe your active participation would truly inspire and further motivate Adik Bintang in pursuing their dreams. Here are a few programs that involve  Kakak Bintang to participate and interact with Adik Bintang :  
  It may be that one of the positive outcomes of the global pandemic is that people are embracing technology to connect with others. Last year, a total of 22 Kakak Bintang were virtually connected to their Adik Bintang. Through this event, Kakak Bintang could have a direct conversation with Adik Bintang about their daily activities, their school, and talk about Adik Bintang’s dreams. Distance is no longer a barrier to interact with your Adik Bintang! One of the exciting stories came from Kakak Bintang Taiyou Indonesia Foundation from Japan who met their Adik Bintang in Indonesia virtually via Google Meet. Adik Bintang was  very thrilled to meet and talk with  Kakak Bintang Taiyou Indonesia Foundation
  Every semester, through the progress reports, Kakak Bintang receives a letter from Adik Bintang. Kakak Bintang may correspond with Adik Bintang by replying to these letters. This could be done through our website,  web.hoshizora.org, or via email, WhatsApp, or mail the letter directly to the Hoshizora Foundation office.
  Hoshizora Foundation offers the opportunities to Kakak Bintang who wishes to send gifts to Adik Bintang. The gifts that Kakak Bintang could send to the Hoshizora Foundation office address may provide exciting experiences or spark imaginations that help Adik Bintang in their study.  Sometimes the gift may have to travel  a long way to get to Adik Bintang’s house. For example, a gift to Adik Bintang, Anang, had  to take 2186 km to get to his house in Timor Tengah Selatan. Nevertheless, Adik Anang was  so happy when he received the package from Kakak Bintang. Thank you Kakak Bintang for the precious gift!
  Kakak Bintang could extend the partnership within the community through networking with other Kakak Bintang through events organized by the Hoshizora Foundation such as Kopi Darat, Adik Bintang Graduation, Capacity Building, and others. This is the opportunity for Kakak Bintang to contribute more to several programs held by the Hoshizora Foundation. In 2021, Hoshizora carried out a Kopi Darat event with the theme “Realizing Access for Education through Local Heroes”. This event was attended by 36 Kakak Bintang and they were deeply enthusiastic to discuss with our Area Coordinator representatives about education problems in their area.
  Kakak Bintang could be involved in a  fundraising campaign through Hoshizora. By creating a campaign through Hoshizora, Kakak Bintang are able to contribute to several programs in Hoshizora such as providing school facilities for teachers, financially supporting Adik Bintang and many more. Kakak Bintang can create this campaign on special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, or any other events that invite you to give back to the community. You also can invite your friends to get involved in your campaign. One of Kakak Bintang who contributed to this campaign was  Kak Taskya Namya. She celebrated her birthday with Hoshizora through #KadountukPendidikan Campaign to support her Adik Bintang to get better access to  education.   There are so many ways  you can further  assist Adik Bintang in creating a better world for them! With your active participation, you could directly contribute to the development of Adik Bintang. Are you excited to be part of Hoshizora’s events? You can contact us at +6285643555530 via Whatsapp for more details about  the programs or if you have an idea or two to share about what else we could do together. We can’t wait to see you to be a part of these  exciting programs!

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