Seitaka Yoshida

Our “Kakak Bintang,“ Kak Seitaka Yoshida, comes from Tokyo, Japan capital city. He was born on July 6, 1984, and works at a biggest investment company in Japan. His friendly character, cheerfulness and he’s major concern of children made this big fans of travelling is very easy to remember. Kak Seitaka who has been joining […]

Noriko Utsunomiya

One of hoshiZora’s Kakak Bintang, Noriko Utsunomiya, comes from Oita Province, Japan. She has been joining hoshiZora’s family since January 2011. She is a Kakak Bintang of Dik Helda Delicia. Her devotion to education world, and also her wish to bring bright future for the children through education into reality, carries her to be actively […]

Jogja Care For Japan – “Let’s Support & Learn from Japan”

A massive 8.9 quake which centered in eastern coast of Japan slammed Japan in Friday, March 11, 2011, led into a major tsunami, and collapsed Japan for a while. As the result, thousands were killed, while the other hundred thousand lost their wealth and houses, instead of the radioactive threat of a few nuclear power […]

An Ordinary Girl With Extraordinary Dream

Ifa, that vocation. He was born in Bantul, January 4, 1995. Ifa very Gamar reading. Especially books about health and human anatomy. One favorite is a book by Harun Yahya, a true Muslim scientist who is able mengilmiahkan Book of the Qur’an. “Do not be sad, actually God is with us ..” the quote that […]

HoshiZora Forum 8 – From Nothing Be Something

hoshiZora Community conducted its 8th hoshiZora Forum: “From Nothing Be Something,” on Sunday, March 6, 20011 at Pendopo Parasamya, Kompleks Pemda Bantul. hoshiZora Forum itself is a routine activity addressed to motivate yet to rise “Adik Bintang’s” enthusiam in order to keep on achieving. It can also be a gathering event for the members of […]

HoshiZora Education Tour (HET)

Coinciding with 8th hoshiZora Forum event at March 2011, they also welcomed 5 Japanese guests whom visit Yogyakarta from March 4 -8, 2011. Two of the the guests, Kak Seitaka Yoshida and Kak Noriko Utsunomiya are hoshiZhora Education Tour (HET) participants. HET is a based education tour activity which has been created by hoshiZora that […]

Proposal for the hoshiZora Education Center (HEC)

INDEX A.  Background B.  Concept C.  The Purpose of HEC D.  Place E.  Facilities and Services F.  Target of Market G.  Core Strategy H.  HEC Development Timeline I.  HEC Partnerships J.  Daily News & Update     A. Background The idea of the hoshiZora Education Center (HEC) was born in response to the urgency of […]

Siswa SMAN 1 Bantul Raih Beasiswa

Hoshizora Community (sekarang Hoshizora Foundation) merupakan lembaga non profit yang bergerak di bidang pendidikan pada Minggu (6/3) kemarin memperkenalkan program beasiswa “Adik Bintang” bagi sejumlah peserta didik berprestasi. Salah satu penerima beasiswa “Adik Bintang” yang hadir di Pendapa Parasamya Bantul kemarin adalah Jundy Maksudin, siswa SMAN 1 Bantul.   Media : BERNAS JOGJA Hari/Tgl/Thn : […]

Hoshizora Forum 8 untuk Dunia Lebih Baik

Hoshizora Community (sekarang Hoshizora Foundation) menyelenggarakan acara Hoshizora Forum ke-8 : From Nothing, Be Something, di Pendopo Prasamya Kompleks Pemda Bantul, Minggu (6/3/2011). Acara dihadiri oleh seluruh Hoshizora Family dengan berbagai impiannya. Media : BERNAS JOGJA Hari/Tgl/Thn : Selasa Kliwon, 8 Maret 2011