Proposal for the hoshiZora Education Center (HEC)


A.  Background
B.  Concept
C.  The Purpose of HEC
D.  Place
E.  Facilities and Services
F.  Target of Market
G.  Core Strategy
H.  HEC Development Timeline
I.  HEC Partnerships
J.  Daily News & Update



A. Background

The idea of the hoshiZora Education Center (HEC) was born in response to the urgency of equipping the hoshiZora children and all Indonesian children with life skills. Limited job opportunities and high competition in finding jobs raises hoshiZora Community’s awareness of not only supporting our children in completing their basic educations but also preparing an educated and skillful younger generation. This is what spurred the idea of building an education center to facilitate the learning process and gaining life skills for hoshiZora children and also for residents of the Bantul area in, Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

B. Concept

The hoshiZora Education Center (HEC) will be a place where life skills lessons will be taught, information about education for the local communities will be provided, and the hoshiZora Community head office will be located.

HEC will be based on social business management. We will provide free services for underprivileged children (children from families with a very low socio-economic status) and charge children reasonable fees if they are from families who are able to compensate for these services.

As part of a social business, the profit gained from the services will be used as an additional source for the operational and developmental costs of HEC.

C. The Purpose of HEC

  1. To equip Indonesian children with necessary life skills and to educate a skilful younger generation and develop qualified human resources.
  2. To provide information about education where children and families can access it such as scholarship information, educational books, seminars, training and information about job opportunities for high school graduates.
  3. To be an education center that can be accessed not only by the hoshiZora children but also by everybody including the local community.
  4. To operate as a social business model that can successfully help to cover the operational costs of the hoshiZora Community in order to become a financially independently sustainable organization.

D. Place

HEC will be located in the Bantul area in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

E. Facilities and Services

Education Center

  1. English and Japanese Language Training
  2. Computer and Internet Training
  3. Dance Training
  4. Sewing Classes
  5. Seminars and other Training

Information Center

  1. Information Center for Schools and Basic Education
  2. Scholarship Information Center

Other Services

  1. The hoshiZora Library
  2. Internet cafe
  3. Book Store (to be decided)

F. Target of Market

Other than the hoshiZora children (recipients of hoshiZora scholarships), HEC will also be accessible for:

Education Center

  1. English and Japanese Language Training: Middle School & High School Students, Public
  2. Computer and Internet Training: Middle School & High School Students, Public
  3. Dance Training: Kindergarten, Elementary School and Middle School Students
  4. Sewing Classes: Middle School and High School Students
  5. Seminars and other Training: Public and Students (will depends on the topics)

Information Center

  1. Information Center for Schools and Basic Educations: Students, Parents, and Public
  2. Scholarship Information Center: Students, Parents, and Public

Other Services

  1. The hoshiZora Library: Students, Parents, and Public
  2. Internet Cafe: Students, Parents, and Public
  3. Book Store (to be decided): Students, Parents, and Public

G. Core Strategy

1. Teachers and Trainers who Share the Same Vision and Mission with the hoshiZora Community

HEC is not a profit-based education center. We are based on the social concept that our priority is to provide free services for underprivileged children. We will recruit professional teachers and trainers who share the same vision and mission and understand the social and volunteer-based spirit of the hoshiZora Community.

2. International Guest Teachers

The hoshiZora Community is often visited by guests and sponsors from outside Indonesia who are willing to be guest speakers at hoshiZora events and at the education center. The hoshiZora Education Tour (HET) also provides opportunities for our foreign guests to experience teaching, especially language teaching, at the HEC.

In 2010, the international guest teachers were:

  • Eden & Steffany (USA), English teachers in Japan
  • Seitaka Yoshida (Japan), Nomura Security staff

3. Targeted and Intensive Public Relations (PR)

As the only and widely available education center in the Bantul area, the hoshiZora Community believes that targeted and intensive promotion will be the key to building a good image for HEC. We will introduce HEC to schools, education service providers and the public.

H. HEC Development Timeline

  • Planning stage: December 2010 – January 2011
  • Sponsorship and partnership offers: January – June 2011
  • HEC building construction: June – August 2011
  • Providing equipment and finalizing the programs: July – August 2011
  • Promotion and marketing: August – September 2011
  • HEC Launch: September 2011 (on the same day as the 9th hoshiZora Forum)

I. HEC Partnerships

The hoshiZora Community welcomes partner organizations and companies interested in contributing to the construction of the hoshiZora Education Center (HEC) and supporting the operations of HEC. The hoshiZora Community would greatly appreciate contributions such as financial support for HEC building construction and HEC operational costs over the short or long term.

As a token of our gratitude, the names of partners will be displayed in hoshiZora Community and HEC promotional media such as websites, brochures, banners and the NGO profile. Partners that make a significant contribution to the creation and operation of the HEC will also have their company or organization name permanently displayed in the HEC building. We also would be honored to host any of our partners interested in visiting the HEC building, meeting the hoshiZora children, and participating in hoshiZora events.

J.  Daily News & Update


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