HoshiZora Forum 8 – From Nothing Be Something

hoshiZora Community conducted its 8th hoshiZora Forum: “From Nothing Be Something,” on Sunday, March 6, 20011 at Pendopo Parasamya, Kompleks Pemda Bantul. hoshiZora Forum itself is a routine activity addressed to motivate yet to rise “Adik Bintang’s” enthusiam in order to keep on achieving. It can also be a gathering event for the members of hoshiZora’s family (“Adik Bintang,” “Kakak Bintang,” and hoshiZora’s staffs).

Event which was attended by 225 Adik Bintangs from all over DIY is attractively hosted by Kak Tako.  The event started at 09.00 AM by an opening remark from the representative of PEMDA Bantul, Mr. Bejo Utomo (Staf Ahli Bupati Bantul, Expert Staff of Bantul Government Officer in Charge of Regency). He stated that children are the future generation, in which the quality of their education will also determine the viability of the nation itself. He also stated furthermore that we must support children’s education right and maintain it in order to rise up a qualified generation for a better world.

hoshiZora Forum’s main objective is to encourage and motivate Adik Bintang.  For this 8th hoshiZora Forum, the motivation session was delivered by Humour Motivator Kak Setiawan Tiada Tara. He motivate Adik Bintang, in relax and humorous way. He stated that success begins from dreams. Being success is everyone’s right, that’s why you should encourage yourself to dream and do something to reach your dream.  Instead of it, he also emphasized that parents’ prayer and blessing is another supporting factors of success.

This event was very special because of the attendance of 5 Japanese children care professional expert who were also hoshiZora’s Kakak Bintang, Kak Tomoko Aoki, Kak Vicky Maki Honda, Kak Mika Yamasaki, Kak Noriko Utsunomia, and Kak Seitaka Yoshida. All those guests were wearing traditional Japanese clothes, Yukata. They were very enthusiastic following yet participating on all the series of event conducted on that day. They also introduced Manga characters (Japanese comics) after they introduced themselves, and they invited all the participants to sing Japanese songs together.

They also actively shown the participants how to write Japanese letters, how to make origami, how to play traditional Japanese catching fish games, what is Japanese kites looks like, etc.

This event was also supported by the participation of Atsuki J-Freaks Community, who was wearing Japanese heroes’ anime’s costumes. They entertained the participants by their various Japanese superheroes costumes. Instead of wearing it, they also introduced the characters that they played on the stage; they also performed the superheroes’various tricks and specialty. The participants were also given a chance to take a picture with all those Japanese “superheroes.”

It is expected that this 8th hoshiZora Forum may bring advantages to all the participants. It is also expected that instead of strengthen the relationship among hoshiZora’s family, this event is also expected to increase hoshiZora’s Adik Bintang’s motivation so that they will be able to continue learning and to reach even their highest future goals.

Finally, see you in the next 9th hoshiZora Forum…


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