An Ordinary Girl With Extraordinary Dream

Ifa, that vocation. He was born in Bantul, January 4, 1995. Ifa very Gamar reading. Especially books about health and human anatomy. One favorite is a book by Harun Yahya, a true Muslim scientist who is able mengilmiahkan Book of the Qur’an. “Do not be sad, actually God is with us ..” the quote that Ifa keep in mind and always be of encouragement in times of trouble.
Ifatul treasures. Princess to three of the 3 brothers are aspiring dreams to be a surgeon. According to him, many miracles that happen in us. Like the heart which is only the hand grip, can be powerful pumping blood throughout the body, without stopping until the end of the age.

His commitment to be a useful for others, making it able to champion won various competitions in the field of science. As champion Science Olympiad Biology at the district level (2009). At the same land, Ifa managed to penetrate the national finalists and winners first become a DI Province Yogyakarta. And again, Ifa won a provincial championship in Puspanegara Mathematics Competition 2010.

Ifa when receiving a scholarship during the ceremony hoshiZora school.

Currently, Ifa sitting in class X SMA N 1 Bantul. He really liked the lessons of biology, because boiologi is closely associated with medical science and health. In addition to high academic intelligence, Ifa also have social intelligence. Other future goals are no less noble is Ifa want to be a health volunteer in the war, such as Palestine. It depicts how big concern Ifa in building world peace.

Ifa’s father a construction worker and his mother opened a sewing shoes. His oldest brother now works at a tutoring agency and sister both were studying in a boarding school. For Ifa, poor wealth is not what what, what matters is poor science and soul. Education is a basic need and a major key to success. Either way, Ifa was determined to take classes at GMU or UI. I want to be better. And better that I want to be somebody useful. That’s the motto of life that is disclosed during the selection interview Ifa scholarship recipients “Dream Children Affairs” hoshiZora.

Kak Ifa with Tomoko Aoki, hoshiZora donors.

Ifa is one of the outstanding students who have incredible potential. He was one of immense human potential nation builder. According to Ifa, the younger generation is an agent of change that will make this world better..

hoshiZora have found those who have superior ability. Did not We will help them to find opportunities? As Dr. Sri Aminah (Sister Stars) which helps Ifa (Sister Stars) get the opportunity to attend school. Open hearts to the glory.

“I want to be better. And by better I want to be someone who is useful to someone else.”
(Ifatul Sembiring)

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