Jundy “The Incredible” Makhshuddien

Greetings hoshiZora community, peace be upon you all

Guess what! Today, we have special news for you from one of our beloved Adik Bintang, Jundy so let’s take a look what he have shared with us.

Selected by hoshiZora in July 2010, Jundy is a one of the brightest student in his school, SMA 1 Bantul. In 2008 he finished as a runner-up in Physics Nationals Science Olympiad in Bantul region, he finished 3rd place in Tapak Suci Competition, a local martial art competition, and many other achievements. No wonder if Jundy, who never stops dreaming about his wannabe, energy mining expert, is one of the most popular students in his school.

Met at his school, Jundy, who ride bicycle 15 km just to get to school, shared his opinions about what he thinks about the importance of education for youngster. “It gives us understanding about things happening around us”, he said confidently. Jundy believe that by obtaining a proper education, people will be able to comprehend about what kind of problem happening in their surrounding and find the solution to it.


Pic. 1 Jundy (on the left) passionately shares his views

Jundy is the eldest among his siblings. “It’s quite a responsible, actually, said the 16 years old. Jundy has 6 younger brothers and sisters. He also informed us that sometimes it is hard to find a suitable place to study inside his house due to noises made by his younger brothers. However, he never really gets stressed up by those noises. What he often does if that happens is by telling his brothers to calm down kindly, remind them that they also have to study for their future. Way to go, Jundy!

When we asked about hoshiZora and his Kakak Bintang, he said that he is really thankful to hoshiZora who provides him with Mimpi Anak Negeri scholarship that lowers his family burden from school tuition. He hope that event such as hoshiZora Forum can be organized more frequent as he was very motivated to see his Kakak Bintang, Mrs. Aminah and other scholarship achiever, share stories, experiences, and knowledge between them. Also, he hopes that scholarship provided by hoshiZora can be distributed to not only kids from Yogyakarta but also to kids from other regions. Thanks Jundy! We are working on it.

jundi hoshizora

Pic. 2 Thank you Jundy!

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