Seitaka Yoshida

Our “Kakak Bintang,“ Kak Seitaka Yoshida, comes from Tokyo, Japan capital city.
He was born on July 6, 1984, and works at a biggest investment company in Japan. His friendly character, cheerfulness and he’s major concern of children made this big fans of travelling is very easy to remember.

Kak Seitaka who has been joining hoshiZora’s “Kakak Bintang” for 8 months has a great attention and concern toward children.  According to him, education is very important thing. He believes that every child has the right to get a proper education which will help those children to develop and organize their future well. He expected that children are all able to see anything and to learn any kind of experiences. Every child is special, in which they have their indivual ability and their individual characteristics, which have to be developed in order to achieve their goals.

His “Adik Bintang,” Dik Ridho, is now studying at grade VIII of SMP N 1 Pengasih. He already met Dik Ridho twice. At his first occasion on September 2010, he visited Dik Ridho’s family house in Pengasih, Kulon Progo. He had the opportunity to participate in Dik Ridho’s daily activities, including finding the grass for the livestock and feeding the goats.

They had their second opportunity to meet again at the last March 2011, in which they were able to spend a lot of time doing any activities together. He really proud of Dik Ridho’s achievements that repeatedly won swimming championship in his regency, and he also support his “Adik Bintang’s” effort to keep on improving his performance. He also expected that Dik Rido will be able to keep on learning and always trying to reach his future goal to be a doctor.

On his visit, on early March 2011, he and also some Japanese foster siblings had the opportunity to attend hoshiZora Forum. According to Kak Seitaka, hoshiZora Forum is an extremely useful activity for “Adik Bintang,” in which they will not only had the chance to get to know a lot of new friends but also motivated to be supported to keep on trying to bring their dreams into reality. For “Kakak Bintang” such as himself, hoshiZora forum is a valuable opportunity in which he may meet their “Adik Bintang” directly so that they can see that hoshiZora’s “Adik Bintang” are very precious children, who have an extraordinary potential that can be developed.

He wish that Indonesian children. Mostly “Adik Bintang” will be able to learn many global things, so that they could have the opportunity to study overseas, especially in Japan. Because it s experiences is very valuable and may help children to establish their future.

According to Kak Seitaka, there are many great kids in Indonesia, like all hoshiZora’s “Adik Bintang.” Limitations are not supposed to be barriers for all the kids to keep on going and try to reach their future goal. He expected that by ‘Kakak Bintang’s” assistance, hoshiZora will be able to help bringing a better future for the children, yet a wonderful future for the world. He also hopes that Indonesian children will be able to have the opportunity to create something in an international level.

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