Noriko Utsunomiya

noriko-utsunomiya-with-kidOne of hoshiZora’s Kakak Bintang, Noriko Utsunomiya, comes from Oita Province, Japan. She has been joining hoshiZora’s family since January 2011. She is a Kakak Bintang of Dik Helda Delicia.

Her devotion to education world, and also her wish to bring bright future for the children through education into reality, carries her to be actively participate on every education related activities. She lives in Osaka at the moment, and she works as Japan Middle Schools students exchange coordinator. She’s in charge of introducing overseas students exchange programs to high schools students in Japan and the she has to select who deserves to join the student exchange program, and help students who are selected to prepare for and undergo the program.

Aided by a strong desire to bring her dreams into reality and support from her parents, while she was on a bench at the High School, Kak Noriko successfully obtained a very valuable opportunity to participate in student exchange programs in the United States, from July 1999 to June 2000.

Next she went into “Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University,” an international university in Japan, where students and professors who taught there came from many countries in the world. According to Noriko, it provides an opportunity for all who were there, to meet all kinds of people, with various backgrounds, who come from many different places, so that they will be able to learn and recognize a variety of new cultures and traditions from many places in the world.

One of her biggest dream is to be able to help more students, especially students in Japan to get a chance to study overseas. She also expects that students in Indonesia will also have wide opportunity to study overseas. Because she believes that by the numbers of students who can study overseas, they will get experience yet valuable knowledge that may help them achieve their goals and build the future of a better nation.

She has an inspiring figure who gives her a lot of inspiration that is her Mother. Her Mother is a valuable figure, who supports her to keep on going and to bring her dream into reality. She also reminds us to always respect our parents, since their blessing and supports will determine our success.

Her arrival to Yogyakarta on the last March was her first chance visiting Indonesia. She’s very pleased to visit Yogyakarta, in addition to enjoying Jogja’s atmosphere and its cuisine, she also glad that she had the opportunity to meet her Adik Bintang, Dik Helda and all the others hoshiZora’s “Adik Bintang.” She also had the opportunity to learn Yogyakarta’s culture and tradition.

She also very pleased to attend and participate in hoshiZora Forum, and meet yet communicate with hoshiZora’s Adik Bintang, at the 8th hoshiZora Forum. According to her, hoshiZora Forum, is an opportunity for “Adik Bintang” to meet and get to know other family members of hoshiZora. Especially on the last 8th hoshiZora Forum, Adik Bintang  had the opportunity to met hoshiZora’s  Kakak Bintang  from Japan so that they can learn other cultures and languages. hoshiZora Forum also become a means to motivate the  Adik Bintang  through the experiences of people who become successful in life.

She believes that opportunity in education is important for every child in the world. It’s important for every child to be able to learn and go to school in order to get a good job in the future so that they can defeat poverty and to contribute to build the country. Therefore told Adik Bintang in Indonesia to always learn and try hard to be able to bring their dreams into reality.

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