Jogja Care For Japan – “Let’s Support & Learn from Japan”

Jogja Care for Japan : Let's Support & Learn from Japan!
A massive 8.9 quake which centered in eastern coast of Japan slammed Japan in Friday, March 11, 2011, led into a major tsunami, and collapsed Japan for a while. As the result, thousands were killed, while the other hundred thousand lost their wealth and houses, instead of the radioactive threat of a few nuclear power plants as the aftershock effect of the quake and tsunami.

This disaster raises the concern of Indonesian society, due to Japan’s concern and assistance toward Indonesia, mostly in case of various disaster reliefs which has happened in Indonesia. For hoshiZora Community itself, Japan hold an important role for its existence, because it has been formed based on the initiative of Indonesian university students whom was studying in Japan, and on its historical journey there were so many Japan parties helped them to bring Indonesian children’s dreams into reality, through education. Not to mention that there are many of hoshiZora’s Foster Siblings (Kakak Bintang) who’s living in Japan and became the victims of the quake and tsunami.

As the contribution toward the disaster which hit Japan, hoshiZora big family was trying to waken up Yogyakarta society concern by conducting an activity titled “Jogja Care for Japan.” This activity, with GKR. Pembayun (The eldest daughter of  Governor of DIY and the current monarch of  Yogyakarta Sultanate, Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwono X) as the chair woman was presented by the collaboration of hoshiZora Community with Yayasan Royal Silk, Atsuki Community, Yayasan Girlan Nusantara, Jogjakarta Enterpreneur Center and all the supporting partners concerned to Japan disaster.

There were so many “Jogja Care for Japan” activities which is addressed to support Japan. hoshizora Community started the solidarity act of “Jogja Care for Japan” by inviting the “Adik Bintang” to conduct fund raising in schools around Yogyakarta. This solidarity act conducted by hoshiZora family made up Rp. 13.387.000, 00, from 22 schools around Yogyakarta.


Penggalangan dana Adik Bintang hoshiZora ke Sekolah se-DIY


Atsuki Community in collaboration with some Yogyakarta’s Cosplay community also passed the hat at some Yogyakarta’s strategic point, by an activity titled “Cosplay on the Road.” They also invited Yogyakarta’s children and society to make a thousand Flamingo Origami and a thousand signatures in Zero Kilometer Point as the symbol of empathy toward the victims of Japan disaster.


Atsuki J-Freak on the road


The summit event of all these solidarity acts which is titled “Jogja Care For Japan: Support and Learn For Japan” was conducted on Saturday, March 26, 2011, at Yudistira Hall, Jogja Expo Center, by the concept of one day charity is supported by various activities started from 10.00 AM – 11.00 PM.

By the morning, this event was already jazzed up by various Japan cultural and tradition showcase, such as Japanese traditional dance, Japanese tea ceremony, magic, Japanese martial arts (Iajitsu, Ninjitsu, Kenjustsu, Sorenji Kempo, Karate), Yosakoi, Japanese songs acoustics version, Cosplay show, and also theatrical performance of the quake and tsunami which slammed the eastern coast of Japan. All of these showcases are addressed in order to introduce Japanese culture and tradition to Yogyakarta society.


Morning Performace


hoshiZora also took a part by opening hoshiZora Community booth, in which the visitors may knowing and identifying hoshiZora closer. hoshiZora booth also provide and sell Japan original product which a 100% of the selling result will be donated for charity. Instead of hoshiZora’s booth, visitors may also visit the other booths, such as Yukata or traditional Japanese clothes booth, Kanji Writing booth, Ikebana booth, Origami booth, Oshie booth, Soap Flower Handicraft booth, batik booth, Furoshiki booth, Scraps Handicraft booth, Corsage Handicraft booth, etc. Visitors been given the opportunity to directly learn and get acquainted of Japanese culture and tradition by their visit to the booths. Visitors may also enjoy various Japanese special culinary such as Takoyaki and Udon at the culinary booths.



This “Jogja Care for Japan” activity was highly appreciated by Japan government, proven by the presentation of Mr. Kojiro Shiojiri, Japanese Ambassador for Indonesia and his deeply appreciation to Yogyakarta society toward their sympathy and concern to Japan society as the disaster victims, through this charity event.


Ambassador of Japan for Indonesia, HRH Mr. Kojiro Shiojiri


In the evening, fundraising concert was conducted as the peak of the event of “Jogja Care for Japan,” which is visited by Governor of DIY, Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwono X accompanied by GKR Hemas that shown the support of Yogyakarta government toward Japan society. Apparently, Yudhistira Hall, Jogja Expo Center was fully loaded by thousand invitation guests.

The concert opened by the performance of Gamelan show from the students of SMP 1 Bantul, who won the 3rd National Gamelan Festival. hoshiZora’s “Adik Bintang” also taken their part too light up that fund raising concert night, by performing a role play titled “Learn from Japan.” This role play performed by “Adik-Adik Bintang”, that are Dik Iffatul, Dik Wulan, Dik Indira, Dik Rini, Dik Ruri, Dik Ayu, Dik Puji dan Dik  Indah earn a warm response from the audience, for its entertainment and a useful performance for Indonesian society to learn inspirational things from Japan.

The audiences were also entertained by the children of Yayasan Girlan Nusantara who sings Japanese songs and also classical piano performance from the students of Yogyakarta International School. That evening concert was also lighten up by the performance of Indonesia’s Art Legend, Jemek Supardi and Didik Nini Thowok.


performance of Djemek Supardi & Didik Nini Thowok


This fund raising concert also got more interesting by the performance Sheila on 7 which performing some of their hits singles.

Sheila On Seven


Governor of DIY, Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwono X accompanied by GKR Pembayun conducted a teleconference with Rizka Firmiati (the journalist of NHK Radio, Japan),  Sai Hiroko (Peaceful Ambassador of UNESCO) and “Kakak Bintang” of hoshiZora, Kak Wenda Gumulya, who witnessed the disaster. They told a story of the previous condition and the aftermath, and how the government and Japan society overcome the disaster.

As the support, DIY Provincial Government by means of the Governor of DIY handed over RP. 100.000.000, 00 fund for Japan society. Bank Pembangunan Daerah DIY also handed over RP 20.000.000, 00.  The funds are not only gathered from the visitors who were fully loaded the charity event from the morning, but also from the invitation guests of the Charity Concert, communities, companies, schools, etc. In the end of the event, the raised funds, RP. 165.220.500, 00 symbolically handed over by Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwono to the President of Jakarta Japan Club, Mr. Yamazaki.


Total funds collected : RP. 165.220.500,-


This “Jogja Care for Japan” event addressed to express the concern and support toward Japan. For Yogyakarta Society and especially for the Big Family of hoshiZora, this event is the proof of the concern and the good fellowship symbol for all of the society members and also Japan government who has given a big support to Yogyakarta and hoshiZora.

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